TSS Sand

TSS (Tundish Support Sand)

Eryas Olivine is also widely used as backing material between wall and coating layers of tundishes. Olivine protects the walls of tundishes on account of it’s high melting point (1760-1800 Cº). In between the chamotte bricks and magnesite plates olivine serves your Tundish tappings in a perfect way and provides 12-14 tappings (application life of magnesite).

Eryas Olivine helps you to protect the outer liner of tundishes and decreases the maintenance and repair expenses to the minimum.
Also, Eryas Olivine helps the users to save from time and labour by the help of it’s water holding level under %2 percent.

Eryas EBT Sand Properties

  • It has over 98% free opening rates. It has high MgO values ​​and is resistant to temperatures up to 1760 C.
  • The grain structure of Eryas EBT Sand, produced with a special production technique, is round, not angular. This feature gives Eryas EBT Sand fluidity and enables it to be opened without sintering.
  • The high quality of Eryas EBT Sand allows the user to save time and labor.
  • Grain distributions of our products of all sizes used as EBT Sand; These are the most accurate ranges proven by many years of experience. The grains interlock with each other, preventing gaps between the grains.

Standart Sizes for TSS 

0 – 1 mm
0 – 3 mm
1 – 3 mm

* We are able to produce products in all sizes required.

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