Blasting Sand

Sandblasting (Nozzle) Sand

Eryas Olivine, is used as sandblasting material for blasting operations. As the hardness of the sand is 6,5-7 (Mohs) and the characteristics such as it’s angular shape, make this materal attractive in sandblasting market.

Blasting Sand application in shipyards

 Blasting Sands Standart Sizes

  • 0,200 – 0,600 mm
  • 0,600 – 1,5 mm
  • 1 – 2 mm
  • 1 – 3 mm

The benefits of Eryas Olivine usage for sandblasting

  • As it doesn’t contain chloride, you will never experience corroison and cohesion problems.
  • As the iron in it’s content is Fe2O4 it never get into chemical reaction with the oxygen in air and water. That’s why there will not be any oxidation which will allow for more longlived paintings.
  • As it doesn’t contain any free silica, it is never a cause for silicosis disease. The usage of materials containing free silica such as quartz sand is prohibeted in many countries (Turkey, England, Netherland, Sweeden, Norway).
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