Slag Conditioner


Olivine can be used as slag conditioner both in production of sinter and pellet by way of mixing into iron ore and by way of adding as direct billet to high blast furnace.

The addition of olivine may be made along with the charge and both in oxidizing and refining slags.

Basic oxidizing and refining slag condtioners are produced by adding olivine to the slag in the presence of CALCIUM OXIDE.

Slag Conditioner Standart Sizes

  • 10 – 40 mm
  • 0 – 3 mm

The benefits of Eryas Olivine usage for Slag Conditioner

  • Works much quicker than flourspar and reduces slag viscosity.
  •  Helps in the removal of phosphorus and sulfur from the melt.
  •  The MgO in Olivine absorbs the phosphorus and sulfur from the melt.
  •  Olivine keeps the slag in a fluid condition during the refining period(Last part of oxidization)requier further addition of lime to increase CO2 of the slag.
  •  Sinter temperature shows a drop going all the way dawn to 100 ºC. As result, coke consumption goes down.
  •  Better alkalinity and as result fluidity is possible to be established through the use of olivine in place of Dolomite.
  •  Sinter product is harder and it is because of this that doesn’t require giving mixture back to sinter.
  •  Less fuel consumption and therefore required rate of air/sinter amount drops. In other words, more sinter is produced with consumption of same amount of air.
  •  Less raw material need since Olivine contains high MgO according to both serpentine and dolomite.
  •  Less slag is obtained by using olivine
  •  75% of time passes in sinter temperature is used for evaporating CO2 when dolomite is used in sinter. Whereas this time becomes 15% shorter since it is used for the actual intent.
  •  Sinter product increases by 7% and fuel consumption decreases by 14% by way of using olivine instead of dolomite.
  • By using olivine instead of dolomite in terms of environment and health:
    •  - There is significant amount of reduction in the amount of the CO2 released into air.
    • - Olivine doesn’t create a SILICOSIS disease danger since it doesn’t contain free silica
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