About Us

Why Us?

In terms of the locations of our mine spot and plant we provide a very exclusieve logistic advantages.

♦ Eryas olivine plant has 2 main container ports in 5 km Radius (Assan Port 1 Km, Limak 5 Km) for the shipments.

♦ For bulk shipments we offer 5 port alternatives in 10 km radius.

Along with these advantages,

♦ In the mine spot, all the dunites are constantly controlled by a team in order to keep quality stable in the final product.

♦ We always use the new crushers, screens, converyors to avoid breakdowns in equipment and accordingly missing the dates promised to our customers.

♦ The samples taken from each shipment are analyzed both chemically and in grain size distribution.

♦ All the trucks are loaded indoor both at the factory and at ports in order to avoid moisture.

♦ All the container stuffing processes at ports are supervised by a professional company.

Also, our high quality, low price principle enable us to be the main supplier for almost all our customers and to be the outstanding olivine company in both domestic and foreign markets.

Who are we?

Eryas Mining Company has been founded in 2008 and carrying on the activites in industrial minerals, specifically olivine and olivine based refractories with the mine and the plant in Iskenderun since then. Eryas is a significant supplier for both domestic and foreign Iron&Steel, Foundries, Refractories and Sand Blasting markets. Having thousands of application experience for each product of ours, we guarantee to provide the best after sale services.