While delivering an excellent performance in iron casting (gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, temper cast iron) in iron casting with its sintering point at 1450 ºC and melting point above Casting Sand produced from ERYAS Olivine also provides a good performance in castings other than iron metals. Using olivine as casting sand contributes significantly in terms of both as quality and as economy into casting companies. Olivine is the exact solution especially in casting with Mn where smoothness of surface is extremely important. In addition, moulds made of olivine are preferred in troublesome situation between mould and metallic materials fallen during casting. Silica containing sands react with metal during casting; olivine mould on the other hand doesn't allow metal to enter its structure.

  Eryas's olivine sand with high content of magnesium increases binding quality when used with clays and significantly decreases the need of bentonite. Prime quality of olivine is making it an ideal choice for manufacturing manganese steel. Olivine sand, contrary to silica sand, doesn't interact with manganese steels, keeps costs of surface grinding at a minimum and provides casting results in top cleanness. Olivine sand with fine particles is generally used in brass, bronze and aluminum casts. This partially depends on material's qualities of being moisture-free and its particles being square. These qualities provide consistency and low permeability and consequently create great looking casting surface finishes. Even well crushed state of squared particles of Olivine sand enables gas permeability after the process of hammering and that plays and important role for escape of vapor in castings. Olivine's rate of return is much higher in comparison to silica sand. This is caused by occurrences of less aggregation and less decomposition in thermal shocks.

  Binders of Olivine: various inorganic binders found in the market for years such as Bentonite, Sodium Silicate and clay deliver excellent results with olivine. In addition, binders such as Alfaset can also be used together with olivine. (Furan type resins with acidic quality ARE NOT USED with olivine.)

    If it's necessary to sum up contributions of our company by use of Eryas Olivine;

  • Delivering excellent results in manganese castings especially since it is basic quality.
  • Delivering much cleaner surface since Olivine sand doesn't react with steel.
  • Reuse percentage of Olivine is higher in comparison to Silica.
  • Olivine is environment friendly.
  • It is known that Silica sand causes silicoses disease since it contains free-silica in its structure.
  • Occupational health and workers' health become ensured with use of Olivine.
  • It may not require any dye due obtaining clean surface.
  • It is thermal shock resistant.
  • It is easy to shape.
  • It has high melting temperature.
  • It is much more economic in comparison to Chromite and Zircon sands.
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